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Gas Installation & C.O.C’s

Why? Why the C.O.C.?

L.P. Gas C.O.C. (“Certificate of Conformity” also known as a “Certificate of Compliance”) is a method we use to communicate the validity of the gas installation in question. The C.O.C verifies that the gas pipeline, appliance and the gas container have all been installed correctly in accordance with the appropriate legislation. That all the correct materials have been used and are S.A.B.S. approved. That all safety distances have been adhered to. That the appliance is an approved appliance with all safety devices on it and that the entire system, from the tip of the pigtail through to and including the appliance is leak free & safe to use.

Does the C.O.C. Validate the Installation?

There seems to be a huge misconception in the market that because they have an L.P. Gas C.O.C.  For their gas installation, then it is compliant. Nothing is further from the truth. It is not the C.O.C. that validates the installation but rather that the installation validates the C.O.C. If the installation is not compliant the C.O.C. isn’t worth the piece of paper that it is printed on. If the L.P. Gas installation is not compliant even if you have a C.O.C. manufacturers warranties will not be honored. Should there be a gas related incident then insurance policies will not be honored. Should there be a gas related injury medical aids policies will not be honored etc. etc.

Something’s Wrong!

This is something that is very concerning and seems to be a growing problem in the market place. I’m going to put my finger right on the problem and root cause of this growing dilemma. “Cost Cutting”.

“Cost Cutting” is the Evil. It is either the contractor trying to cut costs to get the job or maximize his/her profit or it is the customer’s intention to get the cheapest possible quote or even D.I.Y on the consumer’s behalf. We are seeing a growing trend on D.I.Y. gas installation. Whatever reason, there is nothing cheap about a cheap gas installation. Excuse the pun but “Cheap becomes deadly expensive when cheap goes wrong”. It is impossible to achieve compliance at cheap prices unfortunately something must go, usually its compliance that flies out the window along with your recourse.

Be careful guys rather do it right the first time.

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