Are Gas Cages Necessary For Compliance?

I have decided to write this article on gas cages, the purpose of gas cages & what the legislation in South Africa has to say about them. The reason for me writing this article is because we have come across a few people that have been told, that domestic installations have to have a gas cage in order for their installation to be compliant. That is quite simply not true.

Gas Cage Barden the Gas Guy9

Gas Cage Barden the Gas Guy9

First we need to know what the purpose of a gas cage is.

The purpose of a gas cage is purely for theft and vandalism, in other words gas cages are used to prevent the theft of gas bottles & to prevent anyone from tampering or vandalizing the container and regulator set.

What Does The S.A.N.S. Say?

In the domestic sector, as it stands right now,  the S.A.N.S. (South African National Standard) will tell you that if the gas bottle or gas bottles side of the fixed pipeline installation, falls within the boundaries of your property “walls” it is not a prerequisite or a necessity to have a gas cage from a compliance point of view, although this may vary in some town house complexes and even some residential estates. The governing bodies or home owners associations and even the local town councils or fire departments can be stricter than the L.P.G.S.A. or S.A.N.S. regulations. They can insist on gas bottles in the estates or complexes being housed in gas cages. So the standard ruling is no, gas cages are not mandatory in a standard domestic gas installation. It is not a compliance issue either for a standard residential installation up to 100kg. If you have a manifold system from 2×2 up then yes a gas cage is 100% compulsory, but on a standard 100kg installation and smaller, then no it’s not necessary.

My Own Personal Take.

Me personally I always prefer a gas cage it just helps me sleep better and when we have kids and small children over I know I can relax knowing the little critters can’t get to the gas bottles or try climb all over them. That’s it as simple as I could keep it. Have a nice day now.

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