All Your Gas System & Appliance needs

Where good old fashioned service, quality workmanship & integrity are the order of the day. “Barden the Gas Guy” 100% compliant 100% of the time.

A Dusty Affair

Chasing gas lines into walls & floors are a very common way of concealing gas tubing. Take note there is some legislation surrounding.

Composite Gas Tubing

Composite gas tubing installation & repairs. We work with a variety of materials. Depending on the application. Composite gas tubing is a wonderful product to work with.

Copper Gas Line Installation & Repair

We still use copper in some applications. Copper gas system installations & repair. I love copper it just looks so much better & neater but it takes longer.

Flue-less Gas Fireplaces

Flue-less gas fireplace installation & repair. Flue-less gas fireplaces are really beautiful but there is a lot of regulations surrounding flue-less fireplaces.

Flue's Cowl's & Wheather Boxes

Some gas water heaters need weather boxes & some don’t. Weather can play havoc with some of the water heaters. Be safe protect your investment it pays off in the long run.

Gas Braa's/Barbeque's

Gas braai & barbeque installation & repair. We will work on most brands although some of the brands you will battle to get spares.

Paloma Gas Water Heaters

Certified Paloma L.P. Gas water heater/geyser installations, maintenance & repair. State of the art products.  You just gotta love this brand.

Gas Cage Fabrication & Installation

We fabricate, install & repair all sizes of gas cages. There is a lot of legislation surrounding gas bottle cages. Some applications may need cages while others don’t.

Gas Cage Installations

Custom gas cage installations sometimes a cage wont fit properly in its allocated space or maybe you need a cage with a solid side to bush up safety distances.

Gas Cage Repair

Does your old gas cage need a little love? We repair all old gas cages. Sometimes all they need is a little love & a lick of paint and they are good to go.

L.P. Gas Compliance Inspection

Selling or buying a home? Need a new L.P. Gas C.O.C? With out an L.P.G.S.A. “Certificate of Compliance” the transfer of a home will not go through.

Gas Fireplace Conversions

Certified fireplaces conversions from wood burning to gas burning & vice versa from gas burning to wood burning. Whatever your preference is, there is a solution.

Gas Fireplace Installation & Repair

We install & repair all approved gas fireplaces both flued & flue-less gas systems. I must say these flue-less fireplaces are absolutely beautiful & modern.

Gas Fire Place Repairs

We repair & restore old fireplaces, both wood burning & gas burning. There is just something about old fireplaces that captivates me. Perhaps its the history behind it.

Gas Hob Installation & Repair

We install repair all approved L.P. Gas hobs. However we are service profesionals for Smeg, Whirlpool, A.E.G., Elba, Siemens, Miele.

Gas Hob Installations

All gas hob installations & prep work Done by Barden. The most important factor when buying a new hob is the drop in size, unless you are planning on cutting the counter top.

Gas Hobs

Certified gas hob installation all shapes & sizes. Please note there is a lot of legislation surrounding gas hobs and plug points etc. Need help contact us.

Gas Hob Maintenance

We service & repair all brands of gas hobs. Service your gas appliances at least once a year and you will have a healthy L.P. Gas System.

L.P. Gas Installation Compliance Inspections

We do L.P. Gas pipeline Compliance Inspections for all types of residential dwellings. We are extremely thorough & never miss a spec.

Gas Pipeline & Appliance Consulting Service

Our customers love our consulting service. It helps them plan, reduces buyers remorse, makes for smoother projects and accurate quotations.

No Cage Gas Installation

Not all gas installations need to be caged in. A gas cage is only there for theft & vandalism. I do however advise cages if you have small kids around, it prevents them from fiddling.

Gas Leak Detection & Repair

Got a gas leak? We will find it. We use a multitude of disciplines and technologies. Rule of thumb is if you smell gas you got a leak.

Gas Line Identification

Gas line identification is a good way of keeping your gas system safe from other tradesman. (L.O.L.) Besides  its a compliance thing.

L.P. Gas Safety First

Safety signs are a vital part of any gas installation, without them an installation is not compliant. Safety signs & emergency shut off valve signs are a must have.

Gas Leak Detection

We use a multitude of detection methods and technologies to detect L.P. Gas Leaks. From gas detector’s, pressure testing & soapy water.

Gas Stove Installation & Repair

We install all approved L.P. Gas Stoves. We are service specialists for Smeg, Whirlpool, A.E.G., Siemens & Elba. Your annual service will keep these appliances working well.

Gas System Maintenance & Repair

All L.P. Gas systems should be checked for leaks and safe operation every twelve months. We normally do this in conjunction with the annual gas system inspection.

Gas Pipeline Maintenance & Repair

This is the kind of thing we look for when doing your annual gas line safety inspection. We also check your regulator to make sure its working properly.

Gas Water Heater Installation & Repair

Certified L.P. Gas water heater/geyser installation & repair. Delta, Dew Hot, Paloma & Rinnai. These type of appliances need an annual maintenance call to keep them working well.

Kitchen Cupboard Gas Installation

Installation of L.P. Gas Bottles in a kitchen cupboard. Is it legal? Yes it is. S.A.N.S. regulations apply. Be carefull there is some legislation surrounding kitchen cupboard installation.

Small Gas Projects

We take on small & large gas related jobs. How ever insignificant the issue seems, your Issue’s are our command. Lets Talk!!

Odd Size Gas Cages

We have had a call to fabricte & install odd size gas cages. S.A.N.S. regulations apply. As you can see this one was for 3 x 19kg gas bottles.