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L.P. Gas Installation & Appliance Consulting Service.

Need help? Do it right the first time.

Planning a Gas Installation?

Our customers find our consulting services very helpful when it comes to planning their gas installation & buying their gas appliances. It can be very a daunting process if you don’t know what you are doing. Many times we have met a customer for the first time and they have already planed the installation in their heads and sometimes even prepared a special place to put the gas bottles only to find out that it can’t go there. We provide this service free of charge. Get hold of us. Let’s talk. We will take a look at your application & discuss your needs & together we will find a suitable location to install your gas bottle, we will then take a look at what kind gas of appliance you will need.

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Planning On Buying a Gas Appliance?

 Not every gas appliance is for every application but there is a gas appliance for every application. We have met many people who have run out and bought a gas geyser let’s say for illustration purposes, only to find out that it won’t work properly in their application. This can cause a high level of buyer’s remorse. Most sales people in the retail outlets have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to gas appliances and the installations. Let’s consult before you buy. It does not have to be like that there’s a simpler easier way.

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Gas | Installation | Quotations

Gas Installation | Quotations | Site Survey | Barden the Gas GuyGas Installation Quotation & Sight Surveys.

We don’t do estimations. Our quotations are 100% accurate.

Gas Installation Quotations.

Our Quotations for gas installations are free of charge so when we come to consult you on your gas installation needs we measure at the same time in order to quote you. Now there is a lot of legislation involved in the installation of gas pipelines & gas appliances. Where you can put bottles, where you can’t put bottles, where you can put appliances, where you can’t put appliances etc. Every home is different unless we are working in a complex where the units are uniform.  We do also quotes off plan, if you are planning to build a new home or planning a renovation.

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L.P. Gas Bottle, Installation, Location

Gas Bottle | Installation | Location | Barden the Gas GuyGas Bottle Installation Locations

Indoor gas bottle installations & out door gas bottle installations.

Where Should I Put the Gas Container?
I’m going to try keep this as simple and brief as possible to try help you get some kind of idea at the complexity of L.P. Gas installations and the safe usage of L.P. Gas in the domestic application. First thing first, yes L.P. Gas is very very safe if used and installed correctly. We work according to the L.P.G.S.A.S.A. (Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Association of South Africa) & the S.A.N.S. (South African National Standard) regulations. With that in mind the L.P.G.S.A.S.A. & S.A.N.S. regulations seem very strict but they are not really. These regulations are the minimal safety standard, in other words these safety regulations can be over ridden; if over ridden it has to be to the more strict not less strict. Very often they are over ridden by, for example the fire department, local town counsel, residential estates and their home owners associations and the various governing bodies the list goes on, I’m trying to keep it brief. Keep this in mind as you read.
There are different types & classifications of residential dwellings namely houses, town houses, apartments, residential estates etc. these regulations can, and do vary between the kinds or types of residential dwellings but always more strict than L.P.G.S.A. regulations never less strict. Depending on the type of dwelling you have you will need to comply with the L.P.G.S.A. and the South African National Standard or if you in a complex maybe your governing body or homeowners association might also have their stricter version and and and…
In a typical residential application there are two options indoor and outdoor. Indoor for instance if you are installing a gas stove or gas hob you may want to install a gas bottle inside a kitchen cupboard or pantry. Or if you don’t like gas bottles inside you can then have an outdoor gas bottle installation. Both options have their own unique set of rules & regulations.
LOL don’t stress this is exactly what we do & we are here and are never more than a phone call or SMS or Whatsapp or E-mail or Telegram away.
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Gas Bottle Installations.

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L.P. Gas | Appliance | Installation

Gas | Appliance | Installation | Barden the Gas GuyL.P. Gas Appliance & Installations

Not all gas appliances available in the market are approved.

Approved Gas Appliances?

All gas appliances to be installed in the domestic application by law have to be approved. Unfortunately there are still some less reputable retail outlets selling unapproved gas appliances. We have on many occasions been called out to quote on a gas installation only to find out we cannot install an appliance, or in the case of an existing installation connect it.

So what’s the Hype?

Unapproved appliances have either  been brought in and haven’t been submitted to see if they meet the safety standards or they simply do not have all the safety features they should have to make them safe to use, like flame failure devices (Thermocouples) etc. Please guys we are here to help you, the consumer. Don’t just run out and buy an appliance from just any old place. We are not allowed to connect them to a fixed pipeline installation at all.

Don’t sweat; we are here to hold your hand. We have been waiting for your call all year. Let’s Talk.

  Barden the Gas Guy installs | maintains | repairs all approved L.P. Gas appliances.

Gas water heaters | stoves | hobs | fireplaces | space heaters | heaters | braai’s | barbeque

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Gas | Installation | Compliance | Inspections | C.O.C’S

Gas | Installation | Compliance | Inspection | Barden the Gas Guy

L.P. Gas Installation Compliance Inspection | C.O.C.

L.P. Gas C.O.C’s. Selling Your Home? Bought a New Home?

Selling Your Home? Need a Gas Installation C.O.C

Have a gas installation? When selling your home you will need a fixed pipeline gas installation C.O.C. (Certificate of Conformity also known as a Certificate Of Compliance) We cannot just write out a C.O.C., we need to physically come out to your premises and inspect the L.P. Gas installation to make sure that it is indeed compliant, that all the correct materials have been used, that it is leak free, that the appliances are in good working order, and all safety distances have been adhered to. Etc.

We provide the same service for those who have bought a new home and feel uneasy about the gas installation. We will come out and go over your gas installation.

Should the gas installation in question be found to be non-compliant we will draw up a non-conformity report for you so that you can hold who ever is responsible liable. If the person who installed the gas pipeline & appliance/s was/is a licensed gas technician, you might just have recourse. Unfortunately if the person who did the installation was not a licensed gas professional there is nothing you can do about it. In this case we can compile a quote to make the gas installation compliant if possible. Sometimes they are so badly non-compliant it is not possible to make it compliant.

Validity Period of a Certificate of Conformity?

How long is a certificate of compliance valid for? A Certificate of Compliance/Conformity is valid indefinitely. Unless!! There have been changes or alterations to the gas installation or if the appliance has been changed, then the old C.O.C will no longer be valid.

If you made changes to the installation or connected a new appliance or added an extra gas point and you have used an L.P. Gas professional then you have nothing to worry about because he would have issued you with a new C.O.C.

So why do I Need a New Certificate of Compliance When I Sell?

In a nutshell. The banks that finance the new bond, the insurance company insuring the new bond and the attorneys handling the transfer & the new owner all want to know that the gas installation & the gas appliance/s are still sound and in good working order and that no D.I.Y. alterations have been made to the installation & appliance/s

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Gas | Pipeline | Maintenance | Repairs

Annual Gas | Pipeline | Safety | Inspection | Barden the Gas Guy L.P. Gas Pipeline | Preventative Maintenance | Repairs

Annual Gas Installation Check Up

Annual Gas Pipeline Check Up

It is good practice to have your gas system checked once a year for safe operations. It’s not mandatory from our side but some insurance companies are now insisting that you have your gas installation pipeline & appliance checked once a year. It does state on the back of your C.O.C that it is good practice.
Having your gas installation checked every year does make for a healthy gas system and can prevent heartache down the line.

What Do We Check For?

We check from the tip of the L.P. Gas pigtail (O-rings and pigtail itself for signs of perishing and cracking) which helps reduce the risk of gas leaks and the L.P. Gas orange hose if your installation has, we check that as well, we check and make sure your L.P. Gas regulator is regulating properly and at the correct pressure, we then check the whole gas line system, all the joints etc. this would normally be the time to have your gas appliance checked and serviced at the same time. We then provide you with an invoice and a letter stating that you have had your gas installation & gas appliance checked with the date of inspection on it along with the date of the next inspection.
Need to have your annual gas system & gas appliance inspected & serviced?
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L.P. Gas | Appliance | Maintenance | Repairs

Gas Appliance | Maintenance | Repairs | Barden the Gas GuyGas Appliance | Maintenance | Repairs

Annual Gas Appliance Service

Annual Gas Appliance Service

It is good practice and makes for a healthy gas appliance and gas system to have your gas appliance serviced annually. We would normally do this at the same time that you have your annual gas installation safety check we don’t charge extra to have them checked at the same. We then furnish you with a letter stating that you have had your annual checkup and service. Some of the insurance companies are now insisting on it although from L.P.G.S.A. side it is not mandatory. Bear in mind that all the regulations & good practices are for your recourse and that includes your insurance recourse so we always recommend do the right thing for your own sake.
Need to have your annual gas appliance & gas system inspected & serviced.
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L.P. Gas | Leak | Detection | Repair

Gas Leak | Detection | Repair | Barden the Gas guyL.P. Gas | Leak | Detection | Repair

No Gas Leak is a Good Gas Leak!!

No Gas Leak is a Good Gas Leak!!

All gas leaks no matter how small they may seem are considered to be dangerous.

What to Do?
Should you smell gas, there’s a very good chance you have a gas leak. What to do?? Turn your emergency shut off valve off, close the valve on the bottle off & if the smell is coming from inside your home, open all your windows in the vicinity. And please!! If you’re not sure for goodness sake’s, call us anyway, rather paranoid and safe, than complacent and crispy.
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Gas Cage | Fabrication | Repairs

Gas Cage | Fabrication | Repair | Barden the Gas Gas Cage | Fabrication | Repair

Gas Cage | Fabrication | Renovation.

Gas Cage | Fabrication | Renovation.

We fabricate custom gas cages according to L.P.G.S.A. (Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Association) & S.A.N.S. (South African National Standard) regulation specification, all sizes from a single 9kg gas cage to double 9kg, single 19kg, double 19kg, single 48kg, double 48kg, and the larger gas cages to for instance 2×2 = 4x48kg, 3×3 = 6x48kg etc. We also provide a fabulous service to re-furbish old tired cages, so if you have a gas cage that needs a little love we would be more than happy to tackle the project of repairing & repainting etc.
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Fire Place | Conversions

Fireplace conversions | Wood | Gas | Barden the Gas GuyFireplace Conversions

From Wood to Gas or Gas to Wood

From Wood to Gas or Gas to Wood

Old Style fireplace with a flue & flue damper and you are ¾ of the way there. It’s as easy as finding the right size gas grate to fit in the cavity, then its where to put the gas containers, with the right professional there you go. Don’t do it yourself. Then it’s relatively easy to convert from wood burning to gas burning & vice versa. As long as the main components are in place the rest is do-able either way. We have converted many wood burning fireplaces to gas burning fireplace and we have also converted many gas burning fireplaces to wood burning. Some people prefer the relative ease of use of a gas burning fireplace compared to a wood burning fireplace, you don’t have to load and pack wood and then to get it alight. On da uda hand Darren some people prefer a wood burning fireplace to gas burning fireplaces. I’m going to stick my neck out here and will probably pick up some flak for what I’m about to say. I’m a Gas Guy through and through but I really must be honest. I’m a wood burning fireplace kind of fellow, but that’s just me.

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